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Kubernetes Service

This is a quick example for tunneling to a Kubernetes workload with OpenZiti that builds on the local Kubernetes quickstart. There are two deployments for you to deploy in the same namespace:

  • a demo workload service hello-toy
  • an OpenZiti reverse proxy pod ziti-host
  1. Create OpenZiti configs, service, and policies for the Hello demo deployment.

    ziti edge create identity device "hello-host" \
    --jwt-output-file /tmp/hello-host.jwt --role-attributes hello-hosts

    ziti edge enroll /tmp/hello-host.jwt

    ziti edge create config "hello-intercept-config" intercept.v1 \
    '{"protocols":["tcp"],"addresses":["minihello.ziti"], "portRanges":[{"low":80, "high":80}]}'

    ziti edge create config "hello-host-config" host.v1 \
    '{"protocol":"tcp", "address":"minihello.hello-toy.svc","port":80}'

    ziti edge create service "hello-service" \
    --configs hello-intercept-config,hello-host-config

    ziti edge create service-policy "hello-bind-policy" Bind \
    --service-roles '@hello-service' --identity-roles '#hello-hosts'

    ziti edge create service-policy "hello-dial-policy" Dial \
    --service-roles '@hello-service' --identity-roles '#hello-clients'

    # adds a role to "miniziti-client" from the local Kubernetes quickstart
    ziti edge update identity "miniziti-client" \
    --role-attributes testapi-clients,hello-clients
  2. Deploy Hello Toy.

    This chart is a regular, non-OpenZiti demo server deployment. Next we'll connect it to our OpenZiti Network with an OpenZiti Tunneler deployment.

    helm install "hello-toy" openziti/hello-toy \
    --namespace hello-toy --create-namespace \
    --set serviceDomainName=minihello
  3. Deploy an OpenZiti Tunneler Pod.

    helm install "ziti-host" openziti/ziti-host \
    --namespace hello-toy \
    --set-file zitiIdentity=/tmp/hello-host.json
  4. Wait for deployment.

    kubectl wait deployments "ziti-host" \
    --namespace hello-toy \
    --for condition=Available=True \
  5. Visit the Hello Demo page in your browser: http://minihello.ziti/

    Now you have two OpenZiti Services available to your OpenZiti Tunneler:

    • hello-service
    • testapi-service