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OpenZiti is the world’s most used and widely integrated open source secure networking platform. OpenZiti provides both zero trust security and overlay networking as pure open source software.


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What is OpenZiti?

OpenZiti is a free and open source project focused on bringing zero trust networking principles directly into any application. The project provides all the pieces required to implement a zero trust overlay network and provides all the tools necessary to integrate zero trust into your existing solutions. The OpenZiti project believes the principles of zero trust shouldn’t stop at your network, those ideas belong in your application.

OpenZiti Components

It’s all software! OpenZiti is software first and foremost. Moving at the speed of software is a vital characteristic of any modern project.


A scalable, pluggable, overlay networking mesh with built-in smart routing.


The components providing secure, zero trust entry points into the overlay network

Allows developers to embed zero trust principles directly into applications


Not all apps can have zero trust built in. In those cases, these are the bridge.

Getting Started is Easy

Building Your First Network

OpenZiti makes zero trust easy, but you’ll need an overlay network to get started. We recommend you start simple. Once you understand the basic concepts, you can move on to more complex network topologies. Choose what sort of network you want to build.

Get Started With an SDK

The OpenZiti project offers numerous SDKs to start with. Pick your favorite language and follow along with a simple tutorial. If your favorite language is not shown, perhaps you can use the C SDK and integrate via Foreign Function Interface (FFI).

C Language






Node JS

C# (.NET)

Not Ready to Go Fully App-Embedded?
That’s ok – zero trust adoption is a journey. Get started with a couple of very simple examples which will get you familiar with the technology overall. These samples will leverage one of the tunneling apps.

Embed the Next Generation of Security in Your Next App

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