Version: 0.1.12 Type: application AppVersion: latest

Run the Ziti fork of go-httpbin

This chart deploys a pod running the Ziti-embeded version of go-httpbin, a REST API server.

Install with an enrollment token to generate a private key in-place.

helm install httpbinz openziti/httpbin \
     --set zitiServiceName="my httpbin service" \
     --set-file zitiEnrollment=id.jwt

Install with an enrolled identity.

helm install httpbinz openziti/httpbin \
     --set zitiServiceName="my httpbin service" \
     --set-file zitiIdentity=id.json

Values Reference

Key Type Default Description
affinity object {}  
autoscaling.enabled bool false  
autoscaling.maxReplicas int 100  
autoscaling.minReplicas int 1  
autoscaling.targetCPUUtilizationPercentage int 80  
deleteIdentityScriptFile string "delete-identity.bash" exec by Helm post-delete hook
fullnameOverride string ""  
image.pullPolicy string "IfNotPresent"  
image.repository string "docker.io/openziti/go-httpbin"  
image.tag string "latest"  
imagePullSecrets list []  
ingress.annotations object {}  
ingress.className string ""  
ingress.enabled bool false  
ingress.hosts[0].host string "chart-example.local"  
ingress.hosts[0].paths[0].path string "/"  
ingress.hosts[0].paths[0].pathType string "ImplementationSpecific"  
ingress.tls list []  
initScriptFile string "ziti-init.bash" exec by Helm post-install hook
nameOverride string ""  
nodeSelector object {}  
podAnnotations object {}  
podSecurityContext object {}  
replicaCount int 1  
resources object {}  
securityContext object {}  
service.port int 80  
service.type string "ClusterIP"  
serviceAccount.annotations object {}  
serviceAccount.create bool true  
serviceAccount.name string ""  
tolerations list []  
zitiEnrollment string nil Ziti one-time enrollment token as JWT, you can send this or the enrolled identity in ‘zitiIdentity’
zitiIdentity string nil Enrolled Ziti identity as JSON, you can set this value or the enrollment token in ‘zitiEnrollment’
zitiIdentity string nil Ziti identity contents as JSON
zitiIdentityBase64 string nil Ziti identity JSON as base64 encoding
zitiImage.pullPolicy string "IfNotPresent" when to pull the container image
zitiImage.repository string "docker.io/openziti/ziti-cli" container image for running life cycle hooks to manage the Ziti identity