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This article is about log messages from the ziti CLI that is used to run the controller and router. See the Linux tunneler reference for details about messages from ziti-edge-tunnel.


The default log level is INFO. This means that log messages INFO, WARNING, ERROR, and FATAL will all be emitted. Enable verbose logging by adding --verbose or -v to the command being executed. Verbose mode will additionally emit DEBUG messages.


Adjust the log format with option --log-formatter (json, text, pfxlog).

The default log format is json when is running in the background (no tty).


The text format has the same level of detail and is the default when running in the foreground (with tty).

time="2024-05-22T09:23:27-04:00" level=info msg=started func="*Network).Run" file=""

The simplified, human-friendly format is pfxlog. This format can also be enabled by setting environment variable PFXLOG_NO_JSON=true.

INFO ziti/controller/network.(*Network).Run: started