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Ziti Android Quickstart

This is a simple app that demonstrates the use of the Ziti SDK for Android (Kotlin). You will need the files in this Git repository.


  • Android studio or other Android IDE
  • Android simulator or device to run the app

Running the app

  • Run one of the quickstarts to create a Ziti network.

  • Create a service that is used by this app:

    name = ziti-weather-service
    hostname = wttr.ziti
    port = 80

    endpoint host =
    endpoint port = 80
    endpoint protocol = tcp
  • Create an identity for the device running this. You'll need one identity per device. You will need to configure access to the service for your new identity. Download enrollment JWT and copy it to the device.

  • Once the app starts it will show notification to let user know that the app has not been enrolled no-enrollment

  • Tapping the notification allows you to select enrollent token pick-jwt

  • If enrollment is successful it shows shows notification on the screen success

  • After that the app can be used -- pushing the message button should load current weather for Charlotte on the screen