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API Session Certificates

API Session Certificates are ephemeral short-lived x509 certificates that can be created through a CSR process after an API Session is fully authenticated.

Lifecycle & Scope

The certificates are scoped by the "valid before" and "valid after" dates in addition to the API Session. If an API Session is removed (expiration, logout, etc.) the API Session Certificates created by that API Session are no longer valid.

API Session Certificates may only be used by the API Session that created them. Attempting to use an API Session Certificate to connect to and Edge Router without the matching API Session security token will be rejected.


API Session Certificates are useful for identities that do not use x509 certificates as a primary authentication mechanism. API Sessions that use x509 certificates during primary authentication can use that certificate for connections to Edge Routers. For non-x509 primary authentication mechanisms (JWT, UPDB, etc.) API Session Certificates must be used as no certificates will be available for use to connect to Edge Routers.


API Session Certificates can be created by POST /edge/client/v1/current-api-session/certificates. The payload needs to be a valid PEM-encoded CSR in the csr field. The CSR should contain at minimum subject information. Sensitive fields such as key usage will be ignored. Additional Ziti-specific SANs may be added.

Request Payload


Response Payload

"data": {
"_links": {
"self": {
"href": "./current-api-session/certificates/URjzX9U1U"
"id": "URjzX9U1U",
"cas": "\n-----BEGIN CERTIFICATE-----\nMII...\n-----END CERTIFICATE-----\n",
"certificate": "-----BEGIN CERTIFICATE-----\nMII...\n-----END CERTIFICATE-----\n"
"meta": {}

List & Detail

API Session Certificates for the current API Session may be:

  • listed: GET /edge/client/v1/current-api-session/certificates
  • detailed: GET /edge/client/v1/current-api-session/certificates/<id>


API Session Certificates may be removed via DELETE /edge/client/v1/current-api-session/certificates/<id>