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Choosing a Client

Once you have a network - you are going to require a Ziti-aware client in order to access the network. There are two types of clients and depending on your needs you'll choose to either use a tunneler or you will use an SDK to securely access the network.

Choosing which type of client you will use to connect to a network is a straightforward process and comes down to a single question. If you are you installing Ziti in front of an existing application which has already been developed and deployed you need to use a tunneler. If you are developing a new product, starting from scratch and you want to take advantage of a fully zero trust solution you will probably want to use an SDK.


An tunneler is purpose-built software designed to connect applications which are not Ziti-aware to the network.

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If you are building a new application you have a unique opportunity to choose to use one of the Ziti SDKs and to create a truly zero trust application from the start! A Ziti Edge SDK enables your application to discover and provide or connect to Ziti services directly without an agent or proxy. The SDKs use the edge client API provided by the controller to authenticate and discover routers and services. Then, the SDK connects to the most responsive router and begins hosting or connecting to the Ziti service.

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