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Interprocess Communication Agent

The controller and router provide an IPC agent for administration. The agent listens on a Unix domain socket. Here's an example for querying the controller's agent for statistics.

ziti agent stats
goroutines: 50
OS threads: 22
num CPU: 16

Accessing the Agent on Linux

On Linux, the agent is listening inside the filesystem namespace managed by systemd. You can enter the namespace with nsenter.

systemctl show -p MainPID --value ziti-router.service \
| xargs -rIPID sudo nsenter --target PID --mount -- \
ziti agent --help

Accessing the Agent in Docker

In Docker, the agent is listening inside the container filesystem. You can access the agent by running ziti inside the running container.

docker compose exec ziti-controller ziti agent --help

Accessing the Agent in Kubernetes

Like Docker, the agent listens inside the container filesystem when running on Kubernetes.

kubectl -n ziti get pods --selector --output jsonpath="{.items[0]}" \
| xargs -IPOD kubectl -n ziti -c ziti-controller exec POD -- \
ziti agent --help