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Deploy the Controller with Docker

Run Ziti Controller in Docker

You can use this container image to run a Ziti Controller in a Docker container.

Container Image

The openziti/ziti-controller image is thin and is based on the openziti/ziti-cli image, which only provides the ziti CLI. The ziti-controller image adds an entrypoint that provides controller bootstrapping when ZITI_BOOTSTRAP=true and uses the same defaults and options as the Linux package.

Docker Compose

The included compose.yml demonstrates how to bootstrap a controller container.


At a minimum, you must set the address and password options in the parent env or set every recurrence in the compose file.

# fetch the compose file for the ziti-router image

ZITI_PWD="mypass" \ \
docker compose up

After a few seconds, docker compose ps will show a "healthy" status for the controller.

Then, you may log in to the controller using the ziti CLI.

ziti edge login -u admin -p mypass